folly (fol’i), n. want of understanding; foolishness; unbecoming  conduct; criminal weakness; sin. –Webster’s Dictionary.

*Worried Fingers*/*Great America* 

Worried Fingers

            Sometimes I feel as though I simply must find a smooth place on the wall and bang my head there over and over.

            You see, I’ve always read a lot. Writers keep saying your life is filled with phases. Sounds easy. All I had to learn from the first time I was old enough to be looking for solutions: Find a way to deal with phases and I could sail through life.

            You will think I’ve gone totally nuts and probably stop reading here.

            I think somehow the world is a bundle of frustration, anger and pain; people who spend their time, minutes, hours, years, trying to work things out in a peaceful, kind and generous way.            

            I can’t go into other countries’ problems, and I can’t, no matter how much I think and cry and pray, see any light at the end of this dark tunnel. I was told on the phone this very day, to not watch the news and to stop worrying. 

            But I grew up learning about respect, of all people, for our president. I want some decency, some truth, compassion, friendliness, love, and more to spread across, not just our country, but the whole world!

            STOP TYPING!!  I must change the subject. My fingers are going against my heart!  There are great, big piles of stuff to know and love about the United States of America and its people.

            Name what you consider problems in this land of ours and you can soon find not only scores of individuals, but organizations, committees by the hundreds, and other groups who are studying what’s the matter with us.

            In addition to groups and more groups trying to do good things for everybody – even foreign. Even members of my family (there are 12 siblings and goodness knows how many there if you consider today’s generations. Brothers, sisters, nieces and on and on. Multiply that by millions of American families who can list the same stories. And we’re all lucky citizens of America, we feel responsible for any pain we hear about or know about. Americans are scattered about the world, helping bring water where it’s needed, along with homes and food and education.

            Enter HOPE, yes. All I have to do is recall how my parents taught me, what I learned in school and the good feelings I gathered in my nearly half a century in my career.  Then I can shake my shoulders and allow all the worry and depression to slide away and out of my head and heart.  Too many of us want what is best for all of us. With the need inside us to help others, it is destined to get better.

            Ignore the first part of this tirade. Think only about the part after I commanded my fingers to “STOP TYPING!            

Great America

Listening and watching to the cacophony of officialdom (and others) concerned with the 2016 presidential election campaign, has driven me many times to the TV to change the channel.

I’ve lived through many years with passage of many presidential campaigns, although I couldn’t vote in several.  Certainly, no matter how much I challenge my memory, I can’t recall a campaign period with has much anger and vitriol, accusations, innuendoes, slurs, curses, and just plain bad manners as the campaign shenanigans going on this past year.

And, amid all the rough stuff, apologies and words that hurt, were nasty things spoken against our dear country.  

For those who go along with the causes to blame the country, I need to say to them. “Our Country is Still Great.” Take a few steps back and look at sparkling rivers flowing under bridges and highways that move streams of all kinds of automobiles, trucks and other modes of travel; notice nice buildings for schooling our kids and churches as well as parks, and areas for lots of athletic endeavors.

Speaking of parks, dig into John Muir’s books about his discoveries and  his work toward establishing future places for following generations.

We could go on and on and on about the greatness of our country. Take trips slowly through great cities, small towns, large green, productive farms and hand built structures meant to speak to everything needed by a growing, green land. Hand- carved beauty lighted corners and framed fireplaces. Through our country grew the wonder of creative people who could see how to make living quarters beautiful as well as useful in making a living.

Speaking of creativity, writing and reading spewed forth as the country’s members took on tasks, some of them had never tried before but felt the need to put down instructions. 

Pay attention to those folks whose title carries American: watch as they help neighbor, aid the needy and go to the assistance of the weak and anyone who needs funds. Organizations began and grew, folks gathered at meetings to hear what can be done for those who are hungry. This country teems with groups who work in charitable efforts.

 And so we became a nation of diversity. Among the thousands beginning this Great Nation were men and women of great spirit, people who felt the needs of others and strove to help. A wonder among them were folks who looked forward toward a glittering future. All this resulted in a country called the “Great America” we enjoy today. I remain filled with gratitude for it.

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